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A simple insert for failing septic systems, septic tanks, helping sewage treatment. Replaces the need to replace your whole sewage treatment plant



Here are some of the questions we at Bluewater are asked most often……

     Q: Do you need to 'seed' a septic tank?

     A: No, this is not necessary.  Normal use of the water systems in your home (toilets, showers, washing machines) provides all the bacteria needed for your septic system to work efficiently. 

    Q: “Will household chemicals harm my septic system?” 

    A: The use of household chemicals in normal quantities will not harm your septic system.  By taking care to always follow manufacturers recommended usage guidance for household products your septic system will remain healthy and effective. 

     Q: Doesn’t using additives save me from having to maintain my system?

     A: This is a common misconception, but is absolutely not the case. Regular maintenance of any septic system is critical to its correct working and efficiency.  Maintenance of a system with a Turbo fitted couldn’t be quicker or simpler, but is key to ensuring the efficiency of your septic system. 

Q: " How long will it take to install? "

A: This will vary depending on your yard and layout but we usually allow 2-3 hours, most of which is actually burying the air hose,  fitting The Turbo into the tank will take about 30 minutes.