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A simple insert for failing septic systems, septic tanks, helping sewage treatment. Replaces the need to replace your whole sewage treatment plant


The Turbo......How it works.

The idea of aerating a septic tank to make it cleaner and more efficient is not new, it has been around since at least 1911 however, we at Bluewater are delighted to bring to market The Turbo; a lightweight, miniaturized treatment chamber for the 21st Century. 


The Turbo can be incorporated into a new installation, or retro fitted to an existing septic system to deliver a marked improvement in its performance and efficiency in less than 2 weeks. 


The Turbo works by encouraging aerobic microbes or “good bugs” to break down the waste within your system. The aeration of the system introduces more oxygen to the tank and the combination of the added oxygen and our treatment chamber offers an environment in which the bugs can thrive. There are approximately 40 times more micro-organisms inside a septic tank that contains a Turbo than one without.

As a result odors and floating debris in your system are minimized and the amount of solids and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) in the discharge or effluent from your system is greatly reduced. The result is less frequent pumping out of your system, a reduced load on your soil and a positive impact on your drain field, which will become cleaner over time thanks to the introduction and growth of the aerobic microbes. Recent testing has shown the  The Turbo can reduce the BOD by up to 99%, the TSS by up to 98% and Nitrogen by over 47%. over a standard septic tank. These figures may not mean too much to you but what they really mean is  The Turbo is incredibly efficient and is cleaning up your system, your yard and the ground water.


By working at the front end of your system, The Turbo does the hard work previously done by your drain field, leaving your soil to act as a final polishing filter to discharge cleaner water into the water table. 


Please note that some States or Counties may require you to obtain a permit to install or repair your system. Please check these requirements before installing The Turbo.

These pictures are from a typical install, and really do show you how efficient the TURBO is !


 Before on the left......After on the right.

Before on the left......After on the right.