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A simple insert for failing septic systems, septic tanks, helping sewage treatment. Replaces the need to replace your whole sewage treatment plant


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Air Pumps.

We chose to use Blue Diamond pumps for use in our own products for several reasons, long lasting, energy efficient and great value for money were some of them.  We have used them for several years now with no complaints.

The range goes from 1.06 cu ft per min to 10.59 cu ft ( 30 - 300 liters per minute ).   A built in low pressure alarm is available on many sizes, pick the size you want, the option is then available in the shop.

We can offer next day shipping on most, and we carry the repair kits for when these great pumps do eventually wear out.

The ET range provide a clean oil free air source, which is exceptionally quiet and vibration free.  Suitable for intermittent or continual use.

  • Robust and compact construction - weatherproof
  • Green drive technology - energy efficient motors, low power consumption
  • Ideal for Septic systems, Koi ponds or Hydroponics.
  • Recommended service every 18 months. 

Also available is the ETK range, which offer cool air design for hot or humid environments, ideal for Texas and the hotter southern States.  This option is offered in the shop.