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A simple insert for failing septic systems, septic tanks, helping sewage treatment. Replaces the need to replace your whole sewage treatment plant


Bluewater Turbo

Our revolutionary septic tank insert for failing septic tanks, septic systems, waste water, sewage treatment, and failing drain field, turning your septic tank into a small wastewater treatment plant.

Designed and Made In America

                                  The Bluewater Turbo

                     Straight out of the box, ready to install

                   Straight out of the box, ready to install


A failing septic system is bad news for property owners and for the environment.

Bluewater ATU introduces the Bluewater Turbo, a delightfully simple and cost effective solution to an unpleasant and often expensive problem. 

The Turbo is quick and simple to install, and results in less pollution in your yard and less harm to the environment by making your system cleaner and more efficient. 

The Turbo minimizes sludge in your system and delivers a discharge which is significantly clearer and cleaner than a standalone septic system. As a result odor is greatly reduced,  intervals between pump-outs are maximized and  your drain field will  become cleaner and healthier over time. 

The benefits of the Turbo can be enjoyed whether installing with a new septic system or  retro-fitting to an existing system.  

The Bluewater Turbo;  the key to a more efficient and environmentally friendly septic system.

Take a look at the pictures below, a typical Before, During and After installation.